shonen book
Live Glitch Performance | 2022 - ongoing

shonen book is a live glitch, analogue and digital collaboration between me and evan bobrow. This shared process involves analogue video mixing/corrupting, anime VHS tapes, live video game playing and digital glitches, and an assortment of distortion pedals and other instruments. Through this breaking of the screen, a queer inscription forms, brief residue, an undoing of "legacy" or violence, or something akin to the monumental power of gay "fanfiction."

As always, collaboration directs my practice outside. shonen book is mostly improvised, poetry-dance-play, and can be live or recorded. This strategy stems from my earlier work with glitches and noise performance, and is in dialogue with the history of Experimental Television Center via twitch streams and let's plays (thinking of Walter Wright, the Vasulkas). It is of anime marathon sleepovers, teenager shit, GameFAQs, dealing with your parents, failing your driver's exam. Duplication is important, working within the margins is important (the "front porch" flies by, dangerous weather). Instability is explored, and somewhere, a queer lens falls off a shelf and shatters.

While the work can be recorded (often an analog VHS recording to SD digital video), this experiment is best viewed live, on a CRT monitor, bright light shining directly onto your face. The quality of screen becomes important, the high contrast, the color and flicker. Where does it belong? The living room, the basement?

shonen book has performed several times, including for the Rochester Experimental Noise Week (2022).

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