Video Game Criticism
34:24 | HD Video | 2018

Video Game Criticism is an endurance art video where I work through my list of top favorite/best video games of all time through one hundred (100) push-ups. My body exists in a game void and is destroyed through this process - particularly my wrists, which are vital to both video game playing and masturbation (here, I am mentally masturbating both my pseudo-masculine ego and my supposed mastery of video game criticism).


Golem Rite
13:00 | 16mm film performance | 2018

Golem Rite is a 16mm film loop performance between myself and frequent collaborator Mary Lew. Two partners seek magic items to enact the golem rite, the creation of an evil-warding being. Excerpt


Passion of the Oar
13:23 | 16mm film | 2017

A collaborative 16mm film - a narrative about the nature of longing and the ecstasy of possibility. An overt gnostic quest for love subverted through anachronism. Watch here.


Love Triangle (Yu Yu Hakusho)
5:12 | 8mm film | 2017

Appropriating the very much heterosexual love triangle between high school anime greasers and their female love interest, I present a blurred and essentially unreadable version of their relationship with the possibility of expanded, bisexual love.


Bathtub Boys
X:XX | 16mm film loops | 2017

A technical test - using digital printing on 16 mm film to create digital images that can be projected using an analog projector. A collage of myself in a bathtub and an anime character in a bathtub.


It's Good/It's Too Much
13:12 | HD Video | 2016

A meditation on my previous failures of expression and art-making culminating with the artist in a bathtub ruminating like an asshole about the possibilities of a new found expression through the making and playing of video games. Watch here.


found_video4 (I'm sorry)
4:39 | Found Video | 2016

Collage video exploring the themes of anime as moral, real life as difficult - sex is violence, seemingly the opposite of true/fragile anime love. The video ends with a chimera-fitness instructor at the gates of hell giving advice on proper breathing and being oneself mentally, which he describes as being more important than physical perfection. Recipient of the VSW Award in Rochester Contemporary Art Center's 26th Annual Member's Exhibition. Watch here.


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