William Faulkner's Salt Swamp
Pamphlet Series | Video | Happening | Edition of 6 | 2017

Artist Statement: A Game Boy RPG based on a lost William Faulkner novel, The Day of the Highlander--what ecstasy to penetrate this black box, set my eyes upon these anachronistic indexed pixel screenshots--How could I let slip the inexplicable beauty of this dream-game through my trembling fingers?!

Why make videos? Are my texts not enough proof? Will you believe me if I stay in bed, without affectation, in my underwear? Is my vulnerability tantalizing you forward? What have I exposed? An exercise in narcissism?

I'm not sure there are any video game scholars, so I'm doing this from scratch. I tried the best I could. I didn't have time to rerecord any videos so I apologize if my hair is uncombed or my room is messy. I know you think I'm a fraudulent boy, and I am filled with guilt, but perhaps I can earn some redemption.

nilson carroll