The Legend of Shitcup
Choose Your Own Adventure Artist book | upcoming

A revision of an html text adventure I wrote in 2013 printed into a book form. I fully acknowledge the nature of this text, as well as its murky origins. It is bleak, perverted, and without light. If nothing else, I apologize. Through it, I examine the hellworld mechanics, the binaries in which games and their players operate, and my damned relationship with my own stupid maleness. The name Shitcup is based on a horrible urban legend my friend told me in Oswego.

Shitcup visits the town of Cumrag named after his father to revive his two dead party members/lovers. The original 2013 draft was the first product of my marriage of RPGs, queer theory, and Bataille/Lautréamont.

In 2020 I am 29 years old. The ruined Dragon Quest myth continues to represent everything, the queer glitches, the problems of bodies, the insistence of the cycle of violence that parallels our real live gnostic hellworld.

nilson carroll